Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Chunky Monkey

Returning home from Oklahoma, I found Louie to be a bit of a chunky monkey. I guess the past 2 weeks without work caused him to pack on a few extra lbs- or was it Christmas cookies? Perhaps he is just starting to fill out, as his legs don't look near as long anymore as they did 6 months ago. Well one thing is for sure, this horse needs some exercise!

It has been REALLY cold here lately, today I think the high was -3. The horses stayed in their stalls today, and it's below my 10 degree rule (though, I might lower that number if the arena stays significantly warmer than the outside air), so I didn't work Louie, but turned him loose in the arena with two other horses to run around and get some excercise at will. He had a great time- he was playful and snorty, and has got some good speed!

Afterward, I gave him a much-appreciated curry and brushing. I've never seen a horse so happy to be curried. Well I'm glad I could make his day, it was probably itchy under that blanket for 2 weeks without brushing.

As I giggled about my little pork linker, I took a few cell phone photos. Sorry they're kindof poor quality, but I think they show his body condition nicely.
Note the roundness of the rump blending into the belly blending into the shoulder.Wide load!Look at that tail head- yikes! This is a nice meaty HQ though.Oh purdy. . .Do I see a dorsal stripe??Awww, what a cutie. Sorry Louie, gaining weight when on vacation is a good thing!


  1. What a pretty horsey! So handsome and regal! I think horses always look better with a little more meat on their bones, so your chunky monkey looks just fine to me, hee hee! :)

  2. He is so handsome! I think he looks just fine - it's a tiny bit of added warmth for the winter :)

  3. thanks ladies! He is a cutie, I'm just not used to seeing him so chubby. :) He gets a lot to eat, so maybe cutting him back is in order!