Saturday, November 7, 2009

He's A Weenie!

Louie scratched himself in the pasture on Thursday, I thought nothing of it, rinsed it out and put some topical antibiotic ointment on it and put him away. Today his whole knee was swollen, hot, and he was TEN-DER, not to mention he was lame. Ugh. My husband promptly pointed out that my horse is accident prone. Thanks honey, that really helps. ;)

Saving myself from the emergency vet call, I did some self-vetting and did a betadine scrub, cold hose, some topical Nitrofurazone ointment, then had my good friend Sandy stop out and give him some Bute and start him on some Sulfa antibiotics. My husband and I were just on our way out of town (picking up the trailer) to go pick up our new horse, so this was an unplanned event (obviously), but Louie is always managing to find ways to steal the attention from any other horse for himself! We were lucky that Sandy was available to come to our rescue while we were en route to get our new horse and that she also happened to have 140 spare sulfa tablets on hand. She called me to let me know she didn't think it was too bad, wasn't that swollen after the first cold hosing, and told me that my horse is a weenie for pain. Haha.

Tonight, after dropping off the trailer, I repeated the cold hose and topical ointment application and headed out to Fleet Farm to pick up a Tetanus booster. When I got there I debated for several minutes which one to get- the Tetanus Antitoxin or the Tetanus Toxoid. So I eventually ended up getting both, as they were only $5 each and I was in a bit of a hurry to get it into him. I put in a page to the on-call vet for a recommendation on my self-vetting (it sometimes annoys me when my patients do that so I felt bad, but oh well) and some guidance on which Tetanus to give. When I arrived at the barn, phone in hand, waiting for vet's call, I was suprised to see the vet's truck there. He wasn't there for my horse, but it was very convenient so I got my vet "consult" in person and even got a mini exam and his opinion on the injury. I love our vets! He reassured me that it looks like just some soft tissue infection/inflammation rather than a septic joint, and agreed with my treatment plan. Whew! A HUGE sigh of relief for me. :)

Cost of tetanus vaccines: $5 each
Cost of oral antibiotics: $0 (Thanks Sandy, I owe you lunch!)
Cost of reassurance from an experienced vet: priceless.

So we continue with Louie's treament regimen for the next week or so and hopefully after that we'll be back to work in the lines and very soon -the cart! As for now, my little weenie of a baby horsie will have to tough through the results of his shenannigans!

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