Monday, November 23, 2009

The Green Meanie

The term "green meanie" is one that comes from my physician assistant training. A few of my classmates had these cool green pencils that were more extraordinary than your average mechanical pencil, and they believed that they had special lucky powers in them (maybe a little superstitious). Before each test, my two friends would pull out their "green meanies" and recite a short phrase of good luck to oneanother, brought to them by their pencils "green meanies unite!" they would proclaim, then on to the test taking. . . well they were some of the best students in my class, so maybe those green meanies really did have special powers.

Anyhow, back to Louie- after discovering that my cart was too small for him, I decided it was time to list it for sale and purchase a new cart. I had really wanted a 2 wheeled jog cart the first time around, but ended up with the Jerald Runabout instead. I really enjoyed that cart and it was fabulously comfortable to drive around in, but it wasn't going to fit my horse. Well, as luck should have it, within a few days of listing my cart for sale/trade, I got a few responses to the ad, one of whom had an old Houghton jogger that she was interested in trading for mine since it was too wide for her 14.3hh morgan. Well the trade worked out, the shaft length was the same between the two carts, and this one is considerably wider, plus it's a 2 wheeled jog cart, which is what I wanted anyhow. So I won't be able to haul passengers around, but this is really the type of cart I wanted from the get go for exercising and conditioning my horse. It just happens to be a rather interesting shade of green. The seller didn't like the color at all, but I rather like it (not to mention Louie looks good in green). This cart has been well used over the years but looks to be solid as a rock, so I think the nickname "green meanie" may be suitable for it. And it just might have special powers and bring us good luck and safety in our driving adventures.

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