Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shaft Training Round 2

Louie had a long line lesson tonight (3rd lesson back) and he was great! We've been working sort of long-ish and low-ish, trying to keep a nice loose and long stride with a relaxed back and Louie did GREAT with this tonight! He looked awesome- I started him out at a slow jog, asking him to tuck his nose in a little bit, then I slowly asked him for a little bit more speed while trying to maintain the same nice and slow cadence but cover more ground. He did this beautifully and really floated by the end of the session. I am going to keep working him like this because I love the long floating strides that he was showing me tonight.

So after a basic short long lining work out, a little walk, trot with plenty of transitions and halts in both directions, we stepped up to the next step in getting him to a cart- revisiting shaft training. We hadn't put the training shafts on in a while, so we started very slowly, but Louie remembered the drill and didn't even flinch with the shafts tonight. I drove him a little close to the wall intentionally so that the shaft would scrape along the wall and make noise and that didn't seem to bother Louie at all either. Praise, praise, praise. After a few trips around the arena at a walk and trot, testing out all of our gears including "park," we called it a night.

I was very proud of my boy tonight- both for the beautiful trot that he gave me and the tolerance for the training shafts- picking up where he left off and not minding one bit. :) Good Boy! Maybe over the weekend we'll add in some other desensitization- sounds and funny feeling things added onto our basic long lining work. We're getting closer- one step at a time!

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