Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outside the Box

Last night Louie and I went for a nice long line down the road. It was a rare occasion lately that it has been light out after work and it was above 45 degrees and not raining- so we took advantage of it! For his second day back at work, he was a very good boy. We started out with his exercises, then warmed up in the arena with a little walking and trotting, practicing our halting and standing- something that is very important to be good at! He needed a few reminders to stand after being asked to whoa, but he stopped very nicely when asked. After I felt he was sufficiently warmed up and paying attention, we turned around and walked out the arena door- the same exact door we walked out of the day of the sled accident. Of course I got a little nervous, but Louie just marched right on through. Once we got out of the barnyard, it was an easy nice walk down the road. I walked by Louie's hip and we went down the driveway and out onto the gravel road. The sun was setting and it was just beautiful- Louie looked gorgeous- that Saddlebred head and neck against the sun setting fall colors. . . if only I'd have had my camera. . .

We walked and halted every now and then just to test out his skills, then turned around and headed home. Louie took it all in stride. We walked through a bunch of fallen leaves, making that every so slightly scary crunching sound, but Louie hardly noticed. We got back to the barn just as the light was becoming dim, un-tacked, and got Louie all tucked into his stall for the night.

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