Monday, October 19, 2009

One Year Ago

Today marks exactly 1 year from the day we decided to bring Louie home with us. It seems like just yesterday that I was out at Indigo Acres looking at prospects. I had "looked" casually on the internet and at local stables for a couple of months and was not all that thrilled with what was out there and the prices people were asking for these horses- until I saw an ad for a local breeding farm that had a few young prospects available in my price range. And this was no back-yard breeder, this was a nationally successful breeding program standing a young stud who had already produced multiple world champions. How could you pass up that opportunity?

I can remember Sandy and myself out in the pastures with the breeder Romy, immersed amongst the herds of 20 yearlings and 10 two-year-olds. They were all so friendly and curious, it was almost hard to evaluate them from so close haha. Luckily for me, I was pretty sure I wanted a 2-year-old rather than a yearling, as I didn't want to wait an extra year to get started with training, so that narrowed down the choices significantly.

Romy was so essential in helping us decide. She knew each of her horses so well, and had prepared videos and pedigrees of many of them for us to make the decision easier. They were all very nice horses, so I'm sure I could not have gone wrong any way I would have chosen, but she listened to what I wanted, my experiences, and suggested a nice 2 year old colt with good size to match my height. She recommended him because he had been so easy to work with and had a fabulous amateur-friendly disposition, and was also very talented. It wasn't until she showed us his video that we saw what he was really capable of- trotting around with his knees at his chin, amazing hocks and a powerful back end, not to mention beautifully marked and kind-eyed. The pedigree also helped to persuade me- seeing Yorktown and Status Symbol on the dam's side so close up, I liked what this horse looked like on paper.

Sandy and I asked Romy to hold him for the night so we could talk to my husband and decide the following day. On the way home, Sandy was already calling him my colt, and helping me to think of a new barn name for him. He initially came with the name "Milk Man," which I wasn't terribly fond of, but it didn't take long to find a new name for him. On the way home in the car we were brainstorming the possibilities based on his registered name, "Ro & Me's Master of Illusion". . . iLLUsion. . . "Louie!" Sandy blurted out. I thought it over for a second, and decided it was perfect- a very cute name, fit with his registered name, and not to mention, is short for "Louisville," the location of the Saddlebred World's Championship show every year. It was perfect, and it stuck.

Naturally when my husband saw the video and how this horse used his legs he was convinced. Due to formatting, I can't share the video, but here are a couple of still frames from it- you can use your imagination.
I was so excited I hardly slept that whole week. The following day I called Romy and told her I would like to purchase the "Milk Man" and would be out with a check later that day. Romy took him and another colt that had just been sold to her training facility that following day for a brush-up on training as he had been sitting out in a pasture for a couple of months. She kept him there for a week, where she got him back to work in the long lines, clipped up, had his feet trimmed, and got him ready for his new home. 1 week later we brought him home- and the rest is history. Here we are- Louie had just arrived at his new home.
It's hard to believe that I've had him for a year, but when you look back at what we've accomplished, it all seems to make sense.

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  1. He is such a beautiful boy! I am so glad to have found your blog:)