Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living Up To His Name

Today Louie was making a good case for his name- Master of Illusion. Or at least master of mischief.

First, when I arrived at the barn to work this morning, Louie was standing in his stall quietly with a neat pile of manure on the aisle floor in front of his stall. How did that get there? What kind of horse poops outside of his stall? Well apparently mine does. How he managed that, I'm not quite sure, but I'd imagine that he backed up to his half door do pull that one off.

Then, when I went out to catch Louie for the farrier, he was in a different paddock than I had put him in this morning. The small group paddock that he is normally in is adjoined to the individual paddocks that he used to be in, separated by a fence. Somehow, Louie had gotten from the large group paddock to the other side of the fence, in one of the small individual paddocks. ??? I looked around thinking perhaps one of the gates had been open, but that wasn't the case. I asked the barn manager if he had moved Louie, thinking maybe he thought he'd make my job easier by putting Louie in a smaller area for catching him later, but he said no, he hadn't moved Louie at all. Hmmm, Louie was covered in mud- you know, he thinks that he is half pig, and had a few little scratches from his shennanigans, but no major damage to him or the fence. I think he must have rolled or crawled under the fence where it was missing one of its lower boards. I'm not sure what the motivation was for him to go in the small paddock as there was nothing to eat in there, but apparently he thought it would be fun. I have no idea how he did it, but I bet it would have been quite something to watch!

A few months ago he did manage to break out of his stall and rearrange everybody's stuff on their stall doors, so I know he is pretty handy, but Louie's recent endeavors go to show that his name really suits him well!

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