Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to School?

Louie has been giving me little hints lately that he wants to go back to work- like those big brown sad eyes when I take Cash out to work him and bypass Louie's stall, running up to the fence to greet me- even if it's for a flu shot, and his increase in demanding attention while waiting for the farrier. He has been very excited to see me when I come out to visit, but perhaps that is because I come with treats most every time I am there. We have been working on "our exercises" in which we use lots of treats- but that deserves its own post, so we'll save discussing his exercises for later.

Anyhow, life in a stall is pretty boring for a youngster, and there is usually too much going on at the barn to just turn Louie loose in the arena, so it's time we think about getting back to some form of organized work. Especially if we want to be pulling a cart before 2010.

Tonight we went for a quick little long line- which is good for me to get back to too as I see how out of shape I am running around trying to keep up at the end of the lines. Louie was really good considering he had quite a bit of time off (I long lined Cash just before Louie, so I got to experience both ends of the spectrum there haha). I left the overcheck off, as we're working on our back and hind end, and after a brief warm up, I clipped the reins down onto the sides of the harness by the girth making a draw rein set up to encourage a lower head carriage. Louie looked great- lowering his head and stretching through his back.

His only one quirk today was putting the harness on, which is a frequent problem. He hates wearing a crupper- he gooses it almost every time, regardless of how slow and gentle I am or what methods I attempt to try to prevent it. We may have to outfit him in a bustle for a few nights to get him over his crupper phobia.

Anyhow, I had planned on letting Louie vacation until the end of October, but we're almost there, and he's had about a month and a half off now, so maybe it's time to ease back into it. . .

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