Thursday, September 24, 2009


Louie has been relaxing and enjoying a nice vacation since the dressage show. I figure he deserves a little time off from regular work after all the new things he has learned and accomplished in the past 9 months. A little mental and physical break is just what the doctor ordered. He has been such a good boy through everything I've asked of him up 'til now, so we've been lounging around, going for walks, stopping to munch on the fresh grass and clover, eating apples and carrots, and getting lots of love.

We'll pick up on the lessons after a while, hopefully completing the cart-breaking (haha, that's breaking TO the cart, hopefully not breaking the cart) process this fall. Louie had been having a little bit of back pain leading up to the dressage show, and while I suspect that this was aggravated/caused by the saddle (Stuuben's have that reputation), it did open my eyes to the fact that we need to initiate a better back/core/hind end routine into our regular work schedule. So we will pick up with that after his vacation.

But for now, we're going to be relaxing and enjoying the break, as all young horses should have, and Louie very much deserves! What a good boy!

I also am pleased to announce that I have ordered a photo CD from the Dressage Show photographer that should be here next week. I had 40 photos to choose from (it's amazing how many more photos they get of you when you're the only one in the ring!), and got 13 of them on a CD. I plan to use some of them as framed 8x10's in my clinic exam rooms. Right now I have bare walls and what better way to put people at ease than to look at beautiful high resolution photos of a horse with as sweet a face as my little Louie!

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  1. I bet he loved his looks like you guys did a nice job on your test...can't wait to see more pictures!