Monday, August 10, 2009

The View From the Ground

Two more great rides yesterday and today. Today we even cantered, both ways, just about half to one lap each direction, and Louie picked up his right lead more easily and willingly than he has in many months! Yay!! I'm praying this is not a fluke- but he just stepped right into it the moment I asked for it- no fighting or having to crank on him to get him positioned- just willingly did it. I'm thrilled, this could be a major breakthrough for us- keeping my fingers crossed. Plus he was more energetic and light than he was yesterday.

Yesterday we rode indoors because the outdoor ring was flooded, and had to work around the stable Shire, "Sophie," who was giving vaulting lessons. It was a little more cramped than the nice big outdoor that we've been using lately, but we made do. Here is a short video of Louie and I practicing our trotting poles and straight aways (yes, and the art I call "two point in a cutback" around some of the corners) yesterday (light chains on all 4 for increased stifle strengthening), and a photo after we were both thoroughly sweaty, both compliments of Laura Hutchinson, Mel-O-Dee Stables.

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