Thursday, August 6, 2009

Turkey Ride

Well today was my first day of work at my new job, so I went out before work to ride Louie and give him a quick massage. We did our standard walking warm-up, and I felt like I was carrying him around- he was pretty lazy today. Maybe it's just a morning thing? I don't usually ride him in the morning.

Anyhow, after I got him warmed up, we trotted- posting and 2-point, and then over the trotting poles. He's still a little clumsy over the trotting poles, but at least he's not falling on his face. I noticed he felt really loose and relaxed today, he hardly chomped on his bridle at all (except when doing maneuvers like pivots where I think he was processing the information through his teeth- not biting the bit anymore though). He even felt like he had a longer, looser stride than normal. Maybe I was imagining it, but he felt great! I plan to long line him tomorrow to watch him from the ground to see what he looks like from a different perspective.

As I was riding, 7 wild turkeys came walking into the arena. They hung out in the middle of the arena while I was riding, and Louie wasn't the least bit bothered by them- he liked to look at them, but didn't spook or get silly. They would get too close to the rail, then as we trotted by, they'd go running or flying out of the way. Fun! It was a pretty fun ride- I should do this morning riding thing more often!


  1. how cool! I've been following your adventures a long time, and have so much fun.
    Could I use your photo of turkeys for a painting?

  2. thanks! The turkey picture is actually not mine, I just borrowed it since I didn't have my own, but wanted something other than text. Here is where it came from: