Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Royal Treatment

Louie had his massage today. I think he was on cloud nine. He was super relaxed, then his lip would start going when she hit a spot that was sore or felt good, he even tried to rub back a little bit on some spots. What a spoiled horsie, even I don't get that kind of pampering. Sharon showed me where his sore or tight spots were, so I can massage them with my little horsey massager tool on my own and hopefully keep those muscles feeling decent.

So here is a diagram for reference. I've highlighted this drawing (in blue) illustrating the muscle groups I am to massage daily. Basically, the problem area is in the hind quarters, with the areas most affected highlighted in blue. The shoulders and traps were not very sore, but I've highlighted them as Louie thoroughly enjoyed having those areas massaged, so why not? Additionally, he was a little bit tender along the anterior coronary band of both hind feet, so I am supposed to lightly massage that area daily as well. Sharon also pushed on some of the connective tissue between his hip joint and the dock of his tail, and he loved that- he leaned right into it, and thought that felt great to get that spot stretched out. This diagram even accurately illustrates the length of Louie's tail (haha).
Sharon also got the soft tissues around his sacrum to loosen up enough that we heard something click into place (hopefully into and not out of place), I think on the left. So the plan now is to continue on with what we've been working on for hind-end strengthening, daily massaging of those target areas, and follow up in 4-5 days to see if we've noticed any improvement with the massaging. I'm hopeful since it seems as though we accomplished a lot today- keeping my fingers crossed!

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