Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Relaxing Evening Ride

It was a beautiful evening as I pulled into the barn and was suprised to learn that I was the only one there! It had been a long day at work, and what a better way to undwind than to go for a ride and hang out with Louie. So we went for a nice relaxing trail ride tonight across the street from the barn. Donna owns a few acres of almost swampy land across the street where she used to have a cross country course set up- now it's used to spread the manure from stalls and for anyone who wants to go riding through the tall grass fields.

So after a quick warm up and "gear check" in the outdoor arena, we went down the driveway and across the street into the field. The manure path was a bit deep and Louie was a bit startled by the fact that he sunk into the path (but wow what a great work out that would be for him and his stifle!), so we walked on the grass field in between for now. Louie was very relaxed and just walked along like he'd done it his whole life. The grass was up to his chest in some spots- and he's got very long legs! After a little tour around the field, we stopped to graze on some of the luscious grass that had been tempting Louie during our entire ride. I think Louie was really happy to get to graze for a while, but maybe after he got home he wasn't quite so happy as he discovered the millions of welts on his neck and belly from the mosquitos biting him. Well I helped him scratch a few of them and Louie was very greatful for that. Poor guy.

Louie got another massage yesterday and Sharon thinks that he has some growing pains- in that his bones are growing and the muscles haven't had a chance to stretch and catch up with them. She expects a big improvement like the last time she massaged him (he's been a little tight since our show or soon after- I think maybe we overdid it a little bit with that cantering class), but I'm not sure I felt a huge improvement today. I'm not that great at feeling lameness from the saddle, but I will long line tomorrow and see how he looks from the ground.

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