Sunday, August 30, 2009

Having a Little Fun

Louie running around and having some fun in the outdoor arena for a little while on Saturday.


  1. Leah, Hi, I am Linda and between lurking on and reading about Louie here, I feel up-to-speed enough to offer you advice that worked for a mysterious stifle/hind end issue I had w/ my young mare, Lil, this past spring. Her "offness" was so similar to what I see in Lou's vids, also no heat or swelling or reaction to grooming pressure. The vet found enough evidence after flexion tests to pinpoint a leg, period. His advice was Bute and stall rest, weeks of both. I knew she would be turning cartwheels in her stall on day 3 of stall rest, so I moved her ahead to hand walking immediatly. I did 30 minutes every day and after the first week we incorporated sidepassing and alot of ground poles to keep the boredom down. I was told no circles and widest turns possible. We did alot of backing too. I did this for the 2 weeks I had her on bute. I was also able to borrow a horse and pony her in the arena. mostly walk w/ some trot.Walked bareback over poles. Walked and slow -trotted hills. Farrier added Borium to inside toe of rear shoes as he thought she was skating under herself and stressing stifle. All advice that I received wanted turn out and bucking eliminated and cantering added back slowly after she began tracking up to or beyond the front hoofprints. You have enough medical background to figure out "range of motion" excercises to rehab him(hence my sidepassing and backing)Something here worked 'cause she is fine now. Best wishes, L

  2. Thanks Linda,

    those are some great creative ideas- I will definately try some of them out- and I'm so glad to hear that your horse recovered!