Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun

My husband's mom, Berny, came out to the stable today to visit. It was her first time meeting Louie and touring the new stable. I think she liked both. :) We had a great casual afternoon, doing a little lunging with Louie, going for a walk, watching the herds come in, eating ice cream (what is better than horses and ice cream- NOTHING!!!), watching the barn manager run some poles (she does an 11.329 poles pattern with her NSH- wow!), and of course riding. Berny got to ride Cash, and she had a good time, learned a lot, and looked like she totally knew what she was doing- yay! Plus, she had him gaiting very nicely. Good job Berny!!

I think I am going to try to bring Cash to the Washington County Fair English Show this Sunday (if I'm not too tired from the wedding we have the night before), and ride in the 2-gait classes. Based on the walking horse entries in the Mid-Summerfest horse show last weekend, I think we can kick some walking horse butt.

Louie is still sore. He was really sore last week, a few days after his "event," and while he's gotten a little bit better since then, he's still looking more sore than he was before the event. I haven't been working him, just doing a little bit of hand walking and the occasional lunging to see how he's moving, and wow does he have a lot of pent-up energy! This horse needs to get back to work- he's been extremely playful on the lunge line, and has got quite an attitude lately. We had been waiting for a different chiropractor to come out to the barn, but after I hadn't heard anything 1 week from when he was supposed to be contacted, I figured there's no reason to wait. Plus, I start my real job next week, so I want to get this figured out before it goes on forever. So I made an appointment for Louie on Wednesday with Dr. Turner, who he saw before for his foot. Dr. Turner is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best equine lameness vet in the midwest. So I will be trailering Louie to see him, and hopefully we will be coming home with some answers- and hopefully with a useable horse and some money still left in my checking account. ;) I hope he takes pictures of him with his thermographic camera! How cool!

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