Friday, July 3, 2009

Settling In

Well the horses are settling in nicely. Louie seems to be at peace in his paddock, though he got quite jealous when I went riding by on Cash today. I think he misses his buddy, but it seems that he is getting along with the horses over the fence as well. Today I caught a glimpse of Louie sharing a lunch of a few tiny blades of grass under the fence with Murphy, a 2-year-old quarter horse gelding in the neighboring paddock. Young minds. . .

I rode Louie for the first time at the new barn today as well- and he was great! Happy as could be, ears up, seemed comfortable and happy. We rode in the indoor arena because there was a threat of bringing the horses in right while I was riding (they open the gaits and the horses run in and find their stalls- yeah it gets a little crazy at times, not something I wanted him to be riding around outside witnessing for his first ride in his new home. So we just walked and trotted, and worked on some leg yielding and serpentines. He had a nice floaty trot with a good stride today- I was posting much easier than normal, everything just seemed to fit today- you know how that is when you work out the kinks for a while then all of a sudden one day it just *works.* I love it. Good boy! When we finished our 15-20 minute ride around the arena, we took a stroll down the driveway to "cool out." It was short, but fun and happy and exactly the kind of workout we needed to get back on track.

We also discovered a *new* favorite itch spot today- the top of his neck up by his mane, particularly on the right side. He was leaning in, eyes rolling back, lip going and all as I curried away- he just loved it. Well I'm glad I could help out! Lots more praising and kisses for Louie and off to his stall (and his dinner- I might add) he went. I love this horse and I think he's earning some more human friends at the barn as well. :) How can you not love this cutie?!

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