Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Louie's New Home!

Today was the big moving day. The moving truck (aka our truck and horse trailer) arrived at the old barn around noon. All of the packing was done, so the only thing left was to load up the horses. That went smoothly, as did the 10-mile drive to Mel-o-Dee stables. Now getting the trailer turned around at the stables was a bit of a chore- I know that this truck and trailer set-up doesn't have a very tight turning radius. But we got it figured out and soon enough Louie and Cash were in their new stalls.
Cash settled right in, but the first thing Louie had to do once he arrived was to smell everything, check it out- figure out who had been in this stall before him, and start tasting things. He put everything he could get a hold of in his mouth- and with the half-doors at Mel-o-Dee, that was a lot of stuff. . . I thought it would be wise to put up a sign for unsuspecting horse-petters (Lord knows we have a lot of those walking down the aisles, petting each horse and giving treats to all)
Part of the stall set-up- buckets and the jolly ball.
I installed the shelf that hubby and I made, struggling a little bit to find a suitable place to it where he couldn't chew it up, but at least I found a place where he can only chew part of it. . .
After a little while, I left Louie's stall to go organize my tack lockers and Louie settled down and ate his hay. I spent a while cleaning out and organizing the tack lockers- I got two next to eachother and switched which one was on the right and which was on the left so that the doors would open away from each other. I got them set up with my saddles, boxes, brushes, and installed a few tack hooks. For right now, I have one locker with saddles, grooming box, and small tool box, the other with saddle pads and hangables- bridles, harness, bitting rig, and a large 3-drawer organizer. Wow do I have a lot of crap! Yet I'm suprised it all fit in those 2 lockers. Well I think I can work on getting it organized a little bit better when I have more time.
After that, I thought I would lunge both horses a little bit to burn off any excess energy they might have. Sharon, the instructor, thought Cash was really cute- he is a big floaty mover, perfect for a dressage horse- that is, if he didn't mix his gaits. . . and if he were a trotting horse under saddle- but no. Walking horse. Louie took a tour of the outdoor arena, set up with a beautiful jump course. He thought the jumps were pretty interesting looking- except the one with tires. That one was a bit much for his liking. But I think he'll grow to enjoy these "focal points" as something pretty to look at in the future.

No pasture or intro to the herds today for these boys. That will be tomorrow, though Louie will be in an individual paddock right in the front of the barn, so he'll be sure to have lots of action there, lots to look at and lots of people to talk to.
Finally, just as I was getting ready to leave (had to take the dogs to the vet), Donna, the barn owner, came down, so I of course had to introduce her to my new baby Louie, and Cash who she has never met. She just loved Louie, she was impressed by his size for a 3-year-old. Well he is 15.3. . . She loved his markings and thought he was quite the looker. Then she got a whole bunch of kisses from him. He kissed her for about 3 minutes straight, took all of her lipstick off, and Donna loved every minute of it. Too cute!!!
I will give the full barn tour tomorrow. Lisa is in town from Alaska, and has never met Louie, so we have been planning to go out and meet the boys and ride. Sounds like another fun day!

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