Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Just Tickled

Sandy came out today and we made a lot of progress on our driving! We started out the same as I have been- long lining, introducing the shafts, lining in the shafts, then adding resistance. Then today, I had Sandy line Louie while I dragged a rickety noisy old hay cart behind him. That didn't bother Louie in the least. So we tried dragging the sled behind him- no matter.

Okay, so here's the moment of truth, the moment when we try something that actually resembles driving. I didn't really want to actually tie him to the sled, so I got in the sled, and held onto the traces, so that I could let go and free him of the "cart" at any given moment. Louie didn't even care- he just walked along as calmly and quietly as he does in long lines. Yay! So he pulled me around for a bit, we tried the trot, same thing, just rock solid. Good boy!! I gave him a handful of the treats I had stashed in my pocket.
Then of course I wanted a picture, so I asked Sandy if she could take a picture while long lining. Well she couldn't handle the steering and the photographing (to be quite honest, she was not that great at steering all day lol). So she handed me the lines. Louie went along with me driving him just perfectly! I am SO proud of my baby! For a 3-year-old, this horse has really got his head on RIGHT! Yay Louie!
I figure we're probably on track with being driving next week. A few more times like this with the sled, then we'll start introducing the real cart. Woohoo! Ada boy Louie!! Somebody got extra dinner and treats tonight!

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