Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Barn Tour

Before we begin on the official barn tour, I want to quickly address Louie's workout today. All we did was a little bit of light lunging in the bitting rig, and he did very well. He picked up his right lead 2 of 3 times, and I think he knew that he got the wrong lead the one time he did- I could hear his conscience thinking. He was also very steady at the trot and didn't anticipate the canter like he has been doing lately, which was a pleasant suprise to me. I was quite happy with how he did lunging around the outdoor arena, so we called it a day and will hopefully try our first ride tomorrow.

Now on to the barn tour. We depart Louie's stall and go 2 stalls over to find this familiar face (Cash):
Then into the indoor arena (yay!) a spacious 80x200 with excellent wood shaving footing.
Next into the clubroom, which has a nice view of the indoor arena:
Then we move outside to the wash racks:

Then we head back into the barn, down the "double side" of the barn (the barn is split up with all of the stalls and the indoor under one roof- one one side of the arena is a single row of stalls, where Cash and Louie are, and on the other, there is a double row, stalls on both sides), and into the tackroom:

These are our tack lockers. It seems to be a little bit of a tight fit, but I'll get it all organized a little better in the future so we have more space. The open locker on the right has both my cutback and western saddles, grooming box, small organizer, spare bits, and a bucket with liniment etc in it. The locker on the left has all of the hangables- 3 bridles, the bitting rig/LL headstall, long lines, surcingle, work harness, lunge line, a large organizer for medical and training supplies, and saddle pads.

Then back out of the barn- to the outdoor arena. They have a beautiful jump course set up. Unfortunately Louie and I won't be doing any jumping in the near future- and besides these are WAY too high right now lol. But we do have some serious jumpers in the barn, so this is perfect for them, and there's still plenty of room to ride or long line.

The arena is so big I had to take 2 pictures of it. You can imagine the speed we could work up in here! Yahoo!! I love it!

Then onto the paddocks. This is one of the larger- small group turnout paddocks that houses 3 horses currently. This is adjacent to Louie's paddock, so I'm hoping Louie will make friends with these 3 (one of them is a 2 yr old- perfect!) and be able to go out with them this fall.

And here is Louie's paddock, just a small drylot, but perfect for a little fresh air, moving around, and socializing while still being able to wear a tailset or show shoes if needed:

And finally, the gelding's pasture (20+ horses on this large grass pasture) which you can see at the stable's enterance (hence the sign). Sorry for the picture of mostly dirt, I didn't want to block traffic haha.Well this concludes the Mel-o-Dee stable tour. We hope you've enjoyed the ride and please come again soon!

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