Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back Between the Shafts

Today after a warm-up long lining, checking all the gears to make sure everything works as it did where we left off, my husband and I got Louie back in the training shafts. We didn't hook them at first, and Louie gave exactly the same response as the first, second, third. . . etc time he wore shafts- couldn't care less.

After a while, we went ahead and cliped the shafts to the breast plate and my husband pulled back on the "traces" while Louie walked. No reaction- Louie is just as solid with the shafts as he was before our incident. I was a bit nervous, but not bad at all. I think when we actually have him pull something on the ground again I might be more nervous. We did take more precaution today when we hooked the shafts, at first I had Bjorn walk beside Louie, holding on to him as a safety aid, then gradually distance himself and let me take control of the lines. Of course we didn't need his assistance, but that's a good thing- better to have more caution than not enough.

We stopped after a couple of laps of walking against resistance in the shafts went without incident. We'll continue on where we left off from here. . . so far no harm done!

Oh- and on another note, Louie's teeth grinding was almost non-existant today. The only time he really did it was when I made him whoa, or when I held the reins back and asked for a little more energy out of him- and even then it was only for a second or two. I was quite pleased with this. His questionable lameness however, hmmm, not quite so pleased. Bjorn doesn't think he looks sore but maybe a little off balance around tight turns, I think he looks a little off most of the time and blatantly lame around tight turns. I don't think this is going to go away on its own since it's still with us after about 3 months. . . so I think I'll probably have the vet check him out.

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