Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slowly but Surely

Today was a "fun/start over/make-up/basics" day. After working Cash (hubby's walking horse), Louie and I, along with Cash and Bjorn went for a hand-walk down the driveway. I wanted Louie to try warming up slowly with a bit of hand walking before doing any faster work, to see if this would help with his sore leg, which I am assuming is a pulled muscle/tendonitis type condition. After walking to loosen up with lots of pets and praises, I stretched Louie's hind leg, put a couple of light chains on him, and headed out to the arena for some fun and free lunging, and a change of scenery from his stall. I brought all of the fun "non-scarey" toys, plastic bags, milk jug with rocks in it, etc.

Louie trotted and cantered just fine, and I didn't notice any lameness, though it usually becomes less and less evident as he gains speed. Bjorn noted that Louie didn't really care to free lunge tracking to the right. That is definately true, going to the left has always been his prefered/dominant direction, and it still is.

We were talking to our trainer/instructor Judy Jensen a little bit yesterday at Tanbark horse show, and she recommended a method to try when we get back into working on the canter again- she suggested trotting a circle to the right, posting on the incorrect diagonal, and then cueing as I post, just lifting him up into the canter from there. I will have to try that when we get back to working on that.

For now, we're going to relax, re-group, and work on the small stuff with no real plan in mind. . .

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