Friday, June 19, 2009


Well Louie is still kindof struggling with a little bit of a sore hind leg. . . another one of those things that I just try not to think about and hope it will "just go away." There are no signs of heat, swelling, or obvious injury other than the minor knicks and scrapes from pasture battles, and I am no expert in veterinary medicine or lameness. So we're just taking it easy and not doing too much training, though I would love to get him cantering on that right lead so I can show him. . . but no rush.
In the mean time since I can't work him as I really would like to, I've been playing with a new artistic media, as noted in my previous post- pyrography. It is really difficult, much more challenging than meets the eye. Maybe the $2 wood pieces from Michaels aren't the best for this, but they're a start. The grain lines burn easier than the rest, and the wood has so much variation from one area to the next, so some parts burn really quickly and some take a lot of heat to color- this makes for really easy mistakes. It is also really hard to get nice smooth shading due to these factors and my lack of skill with the tool. Anyhow, despite my challenges with it, it is a lot of fun and I'm enjoying the new challenge. Here is my latest work, based on a photo taken by Karina at Louie's photo shoot.
I start with a sketch outlining what I plan to draw. . .

Then I add the outlines, switch to the shading tool and begin filling in the spaces. . .. . . a little sanding to blend and erase my mistakes, then more shading . . .And finally I put a little background in and touch up the rest of the picture.Whew! I need to take some lessons! This stuff is really not easy!


  1. It looks great! I've done just a little bit of wood burning, nothing this detailed, but I know what you're talking about with the grain, variations, etc. I only made an address sign with solid colors...never thought to use it for something like this! So many variations in the's beautiful. I can only imagine how much work that was! It's very impressive!

  2. Just wonderful composition and technique - so pretty. And it DOES look difficult!