Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well the date is fast approaching (tomorrow!)- the day that Louie and Cash will move to their new home at Mel-o-Dee Stables. I am very excited and I think the horses will like it too once we get there. They have a much bigger facility, lots of horses, and a lot more going on. I will give a full tour of the barn once we're moved in.

But for now, I've been busy hauling "stuff" out of the barn and into the trailer and my car while Louie eats his lunch. Despite moving most of my stuff out yesterday, a lot of stuff still remains to be moved- western saddle, bitting rig, work harness, long lines, Cash's bridle, grooming box, treats, fans, jolly balls, and of course horses. The plan is to clean out the rest of the "stuff" today and move the horses tomorrow mid-day.

Of course when you move to a new stable there are always things to consider that are different than your current set-up. The stalls needed a little "fixing-uping," and Bjorn helped me build a shelf to install on the wall of Louie's stall (the stalls don't have any shelves there, and I'm at a loss without a place to put things like my water bottle, lol). I will include pictures of that once I get it installed. The tack rooms are also a different set up. Right now we have a small communal tack room, but at Mel-o-Dee, they have large tack rooms with tack lockers. I have already reserved the tack locker that I had (and altered to my liking) the last time I was at this stable with Social. Each of their tack lockers are about 4' high by 2.5-3' wide, 3' deep, with a wooden board for a saddle rack in the middle. Well, when I was there last time, I found that I did not have enough space for my saddle, harness, and bitting rig, so I added in a few pieces of wood creating 2 saddle racks stacked on top of each other. My cutback saddle is flat enough to fit on the top easily, and the harness and bitting rigs can easily fit below on the pre-existing saddle rack. I think probably the locker remained open after I left because most people could not fit their western saddles or their deep-seated dressage saddles in the locker after my alterations. Well, it's all good for me- I've got a lock on it and ready to move into!

Speaking of tack lockers, I was bored over the weekend and did a little searching for a potential project to try to create (I think I was born to be a creator, I love making things, projects, etc). A few people at the farm have made their own lockers, utilizing all the space above the standard lockers by building ther own taller tack lockers. Well, I found a design that I just love, one that utilizes the storage space very well. It is, perhaps, a little bigger than I could realistically make, but it is a great starting block, packed with good ideas. Note the shelf on top for saddle pads, blankets/sheets, etc. Hangers on the wall for spare bits, lots of hooks on the door for bridles, etc. And they're tall enough that I could leave my martingales as I put them on instead of trying to loop them up to fit in the smaller box. And of course, storage organizer for miscellaneous supplies (Lord knows I've got enough of those!) There is also space below for more storage, grooming box, etc. This is a wonderful design, and with a little tweaking, I think I could probably make something similar that would fit my needs perfectly.
Anyhow, back to packing. . . I've got to run up to the feed store today too to get a new salt block holder for Cash, and hopefully start "installing" the fittings into the horses' new stalls. Cheers!

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