Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Hot Out

Today for some strange reason I decided to ride my bike to the barn to work the horses (it's about 15 miles round trip). It was 93 degrees out, heat index in the 100's, but then again, I'm crazy. By the time I made it to the barn I was already so hot I had to hose off my head- so I wasn't in much of a mood to work Louie too much even though I got the all clear on his soundness from Sandy on Sunday. So we did what we've been working on lately- just some light lunging in the bitting rig, working on getting the right lead, which is coming along pretty well, by the way.

There was one new thing today, however. Since I really want to get Louie in a few shows, I thought I'd start trying to introduce him to a pelham as an introduction to a curb. I just lunged him with an argentine snaffle first, like a pelham, jointed mouthpiece. No curb chain, and just let him feel the shanks against his whiskers. Other than trying to eat the shanks (and being fairly sucessful considering this is a jointed bit), he didn't seem to even notice it. So I played the bit a little bit by hand- just moving the shafts around a little bit for him to feel it pull at the poll. Not too much of a reaction there either. So I hooked up a firm elastic rein through the center of the surcingle to the shanks and lunged him around in this. Once again, he hardly seemed to notice. So I petted him up and called it a day.

We've been doing a lot of hose baths too, and I actually had to hose Louie off BEFORE working him today he was already that sweaty from standing outside. Louie didn't love baths at first, but I think he's starting to like the idea. Afterall, it was very hot out. He doesn't mind having his legs sprayed in the least, but he gets a little antsy when the shower moves up to his body. Soon he will begin to appreciate the full experience. We also identified Louie's new favorite itch spot- the outside back part of his sheath, back between his legs where he can't reach. With the bugs bothering him and biting him there, it must be itchy, cuz he curls his lip up and makes the funniest face when he is scratched there. He goes into such a state of enjoyment he seems to lose track of what is happening around him, lol. This is horse Valium if I've ever seen it.

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