Friday, May 22, 2009

Rub Some Dirt On It

Sandy came out this morning to take a look at Louie since he's been acting silly. First we groomed him, and she noted his weight is a little bit on the low side (I think so too- but of course, I'd love my horses to be chunky monkeys) and suggested that perhaps this is causing his back to be a little bit sore since he doesn't have much for padding there.

Then we lunged him and though he was feeling his oats (hadn't been out to pasture yet today), he looked a little sore on his hind left. The day we left the field trial 2 weeks ago, Louie got himself tangled up in his line, so he did get a fresh rope burn on that pastern. We suspected this might have something to do with it, as he has got a pretty good scab going on that pastern, so we have begun treating it more aggressively with Nitrofurazone ointment. I'm kindof a minimalist in this department, so I've been adopting the "rub some dirt on it" method since he isn't super fond of having it touched. So we'll try this to see if that loosens and moisturizes the scab and eases the discomfort.

That was about all for Louie today, and I think I'm going to try to stay off of Louie's back for a while and see if we can't get him a little fatter and feeling better.
On a side note, I did find a new bit for his western bridle (which I won't be needing now real soon). The mouth piece has the copper inlays and is made of sweet iron just like the black bit, but this one looks a little nicer on the outside. I also applied some clear nail polish to the ear pieces and tied them together on top with fishing line to help keep them in place. Hopefully I'll get a photo of it on him soon, but here it is on the wall.

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