Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ready to Go! (Almost)

The trailer is *mostly* loaded, the horses have been clipped, Louie has thoroughly rehearsed his stake out tying, and I'm starting to pack my bags- including the Benadryl for when I'm sitting awake at 1 am worrying about Louie on the stake out.

We did our final stake out session at the barn today, for almost an hour, and Louie did great. I sat in the pasture by Louie, in the dirt/grass, going through questions in my board review book. No work for Louie today, he will need to save up any extra calories/energy for the next few days, as just going to a trial (not even riding) is exhausting! Tomorrow we depart the barn at about 11:30 am, and I am responsible for hooking up the trailer, loading the horses, and picking my husband up at home (curbside- what service!).

Here is the weather forecast for the week:

Wed- high near 70, 60% chance of rain, T-storms likely both day and night
Thurs- high near 70, 30% chance of T-storms
Fri- sunny, high near 64, 40% chance of showers at night
Sat- high near 57, 40% chance of showers
Sun- sunny, high near 62

So there we have it- this forecast has changed fairly significantly in the past few days, so hopefully it will continue to evolve to 70 and sunny every day with no rain. ;) Ha! Doubtful, I'm bringing my slicker.

Here are the photos I promised of Louie all clipped up today:Here he is saying "hey- what are you doing standing there taking pictures of me- can't we go eat some grass already?!"
He is such a sweetie. :) You can't deny this sad pouty face.Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. What a handsome boy! Hope y'all have a blast!