Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've been so busy (graduating from PA school and preparing for boards and) preparing and packing for the field trial that I haven't had much time to post an update. So here we go.

On Saturday, after graduation, we headed out to the barn to work the horses and get Louie back on the stake out. This is when he ran into his first dispute with the line. He got both his right hind and his right front caught in the line, tried to shake free, then got a little nervous as he was out on the end of the line. He pulled back a little, then had a mini-freak-out and reared/sat down, all the while legs a'flailin'. All the while, I'm standing right there and hubby says, "go help him!" I'm thinking- NO WAY am I getting in the middle of that! He managed to get himself free after just a short struggle with it, and walked away unscathed. He had just a tiny rope burn on his right hind pastern which is healing up just fine. A little shaken up, he came up to me for a hug. I held his head and petted him and reassured him that he was okay, and he immediately went back to eating grass. Nice horsey. I had the end wrapped in vet wrap, but now I have added to that with some electrical tape at the joint to make it less flexible and cover the end of the hose a little better. Hopefully it will stick, but it will probably be a process in the making.

Then Sunday we worked with the blank gun. I started out riding Louie in the arena at a trot and had hubby fire the gun while I was working at the trot (I tend to believe that a horse in motion doesn't spook quite as hard as one standing still to something like this). He fired the first blank and Louie got a little excited- picked his head up and trotted a little faster, but didn't spook. Then we progressed to walking, standing, and watching hubby simulate a find outside the arena. Louie did no more than flinch. With lots of pets we headed down into the big open field and tried a few shots out in the open. Louie handled it with no concerns, he just stood there and flicked an ear at the noise. So that went as well as it could have, and I am very happy with my boy. I let my husband ride Louie back up to the barn- this was the first time anyone other than me has ridden him. He did very well for Bjorn, and I think he even liked Louie's smooth walk (a lot more comfy than Cash's big TWH stride). Unfortunately, we couldn't do a ton of grazing Sunday and Monday because the barn owner fertilized the pasture. But hopefully today the pellets will be dissolved enough so we will be able to graze on the stake out one last time at home.

Monday, I had a million shopping errands with this trip- shavings, bute, fly spray, salt lick, electrolytes, pro-biotics, etc. Whew! I gathered together lots of supplies and headed out to pack up the trailer (we are taking the barn owner's 4H gooseneck- YAY!). Well I got a lot of stuff packed up and I have a lot more to pack today. I lunged and clipped both of our horses for their final preparations. I was UBER impressed with Louie as he let me clip his ears! I tried one time in the past and he let me clip part of the outside, but today he was really patient and let me clip the whole thing (well I didn't do the very inside since we're not going to a show and he doesn't need to be bitten by mosquitos and flies any more). I think the new clipper blade helps, it doesn't rattle quite so much as the old one, haha. I will try to get a pic of Louie's cuteness and post it, I was quite pleased with my little man, and he looks so handsome all clipped up! Even Cash looks great- like a horse instead of a wooly beast now that he's all clipped up.

Well today's adventures are sure to include a trip to Target/Wally World to find some egg crate matresses for the trailer, continue packing, and study for boards. Cheers!

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