Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Friend Minime

Well our good friend and teacher Sandy bought herself a mini horse about a month ago at the horse expo. She is a 1 yr old filly, and Sandy's already got her ground driving with the best of them (in a halter), doing obstacle courses, and practicing a jump or two now and then. This mini definately acts like she's full grown, well she almost is- she's really cool and super cute!

Since Sandy refuses to let me pay her for all her help with anything green, I make her things and give her edibles. This time I got a real good idea! See, it is fairly difficult to find equipment and clothes for mini's, so I thought I'd try out my skills and make her a sleazy (like a swimsuit type covering for the head and neck to keep a horse clean before a show). While I was at the fabric store, I decided this was pretty fun picking out fabric for her, so I thought I'd try out my skills on a fun little weekend project. Next thing you know, Minime's got a sparkly sleazy, a show sheet, and 2 sets of polo wraps! Hehehe You should have seen the look on Sandy's face when she opened up the bag to find more than what she expected! It was great, and the clothes fit Minime *almost* perfectly (I have to alter the sleazy just a tad). So without further ado, I give you Minime!
And her clothes:And finally Minime modeling her new outfit:Isn't she cute? And so well dressed! Now that I've discovered my new talents, I hope to make more if I can find the right supplies. . . hehehehehe (this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands)

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