Friday, May 1, 2009

Farewell Friends

Two of Louie's pasture-mates will be leaving for new homes tomorrow, so I thought I'd write a little bit to say good bye to each, though I'm sure it will not be forever.
The first is Levi, a 6 year old quarter horse gelding. Levi was bred to be a working cow horse, but he is one of the coolest and most versatile horses I know. His owner Celina often rides him around bareback in a halter, but she also shows him at local open shows. She takes him out of the pasture and he ground ties in the middle of the driveway with no halter or leadrope (pretty impressive if you ask me!). Levi is so calm, easy going, and friendly- just a really cool horse. He is moving to a nearby stable to work on his jumping skills this summer. We will miss little Levi.
The other is Tobi, who I have known for many years. Jill, (Tobi's owner) and I go way back to the days when we first learned how to ride together as teenagers (hmmm, maybe even pre-teens). Tobi, as you might guess, is a tobiano American Paint horse, who will be 17 years old this summer. Jill has owned Tobi for several years, and they are blue ribbon show ring veterans. In his day, Tobi was unbeatable in showmanship, hunt seat, and western (and Jill probably still is unbeatable in equitation and horsemanship!). Jill, Tobi, and I have gone to shows together for many years and have shared many great times- whole day downpour shows, the dust that sticks to your eyeballs, and of course sweeping the classes we rode in. I even used to ride and show Tobi myself way back when, before Jill owned him. Way back when, Tobi was the classic lesson horse who fooled kids into believing that he really was scared of the boogie monster that hid in the trees at the far end of the arena. He is the herd leader at the barn, and runs a pretty tight ship here, making sure everyone knows to steer clear of his stall at feeding time. Tobi is moving to a stable that is much closer to home for Jill, so she will be able to see her retired show horse more often and give him the loving that he deserves. Tobi, I will definately be coming to visit! But we'll miss you as the herd leader nonetheless.
Here you see Tobi keeping the herd in line this past February. He thinks his job is easy- it's like herding sheep.
Farewell friends! We will miss you!

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