Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crabby Horse

Something wasn't right in the world of Louie and Leah today. First, Louie wouldn't stand for the farrier. As Pat was trimming his front feet, Louie kept trying to pull his leg away, and went as far as semi-rearing to get out of having his feet done. And Pat was just filing a tiny bit off and leaving most of the length, not shoeing or anything painful. So I don't know why Louie was being a bugger. I suspect it was probably the weather- two hot days in the 90's then today in the 60's.

Then I rode him, and he was fussy, grinding his teeth, not wanting to stay even remotely steady in his frame (head up one minute, down the next, etc), and he put his ears back when I asked him to canter. Okay. Enough for today. We just trotted some nice SLOW figure 8's and quit before we got into more trouble. I don't know what is going on with this teeth grinding thing, but it's been going on for a while. I ignored it for a while, hoping that if I quit paying attention to it, it would go away. But no. He does it riding, long lining, bitting- anytime he has a bit in his mouth. The vet floated his teeth in April, and while he just had a couple of teeth come in a month ago, I have a hard time believing it's his teeth. So maybe it's his back or neck- he is really tight at the poll- REALLY tight. So I might make an appointment with Dr. Westman, the chiropractor, to have Louie looked at. Then I think, maybe he's anxious and my training is not going right. Well it's not like I'm asking him to piaffe here people. Even after backing way off, he's still doing it.

Sandy is supposed to come out tomorrow morning to watch us and maybe she can help figure it out. There is a hunter jumper show just a few miles down the road on Sunday and they have a walk-trot equitation on the flat class that I may try if Louie isn't still being a bugger.

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