Thursday, May 21, 2009

About the show. . .

Well hubby put the cabosh on the show this weekend because it is too far away. I definately see his point, for not really planning on doing anything at the show, it is a long way to drive and split gas money on when there will be closer ones later this season. . .

But it did give me the chance yesterday to try the new show bridle on Louie and make adjustments. Here he is- gosh doesn't he look pathetic. I think this is the, "Mom, it's 90+ degrees outside and I'm hot and tired, and look at me I'm a ragdoll" look. lol
I took the bridle to my parents' house and had my dad make a few adjustments of the ear pieces. They are solid metal (silver plate- I'm too cheap to buy the real thing) and were straight, so I had him bend the parts where they connect to the headstall so that it lays nicely (it sat up about half an inch from the top of Louie's poll when I tried it on yesterday). So now that I've got that fixed, I have a new question or two- how do I keep the silver plate from chipping off now that I've twisted the metal and cracked the plating (I thought about clear nail polish or varnish or something)? And- should I use a silver bit instead of this black one?


  1. HI Leah,
    Love the picture of Louie in his "show attaire"! He is very handsome! I agree with you, I think a silver bit for shows would look a little nicer, instead of the black one. I was trying to think of what to tell you to get to put on the silver plated parts...maybe some spray varnish? Or ask a jeweler what they think would work? Good luck!

  2. thanks Karen,

    I did get a new bit for it (silver- photos later). :D hehe it looks really nice. I also applied some clear nail polish over the metal, so we'll see if that works.