Monday, April 6, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Our vet came today for the routine spring visit. Louie got the rest of his spring shots, coggins, wormer, and his teeth floated. His teeth were "in the middle" as the vet put it, meaning they weren't bad, but if they are causing trouble, it wouldn't hurt to do them. So, with the grinding we've been having and the fact the fact that I want to make bitting and riding as enjoyable as possible for Louie, we went ahead and floated them to be sure. Louie did have a loose cap that the vet was able to remove- these are about actual size- pretty cool! We'll see if the tooth fairy has any goodies to bring for Louie!

Once the mouth speculum was on, I was able to take a pretty good look inside and it did look like there were some pretty sharp points off of the upper back teeth. Our vet also pointed out to me where the next teeth will be erupting and which caps will be falling out next. Louie's left lower canine is erupted, and the right lower isn't quite through yet, but it looks iminent- quite a swollen red bump there! So this all gave me quite an appreciation for what Louie is going through, and quite another appreciation for our vet. He is very good, and great with patient education and patience, thank you Toby!

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