Saturday, April 4, 2009

Progress Video

Sandy came to watch and help us today. The ground was still semi-frozen and hard, but after a while, both Louie and the earth loosened up a bit. We just did a quick lesson on the basics, some transitions, walking, and trotting, and a tiny bit of cantering (I wanted it to be a non-issue, so we just did a little). This was our second ride in the hunt seat saddle and I'm still getting used to it and trying to remember how to ride hunt seat, lol. I feel like I'm riding a pogo stick between the way the seat puts me compared to my cutback and the hard ground causing Louie to take a little shorter strides. As you can see I forgot my crop and my helmet, but actually life was easier without the whip, so I may continue to forget it, and the helmet, well, the jury is still out on that one haha. So here is the video, sorry for the bits and pieces, Sandy's shoulder doesn't have enough endurance to film the whole clip in one shot (but believe me, you're not missing much).

A little note on the canter- Louie has been cantering pretty well from the walk! And no bucking, and he actually now keeps going until I ask him- so that's progress! But as you can see, he isn't consistent in his walk-canter transitions quite yet (as I would expect, he's 3 for heaven's sake- I'm pretty impressed that he's doing that at all!), so we had a couple of attempts before we were successful. I could have edited out the first 2 canter attempts here, but I thought it would be good to show that he's not perfect and is still a bit inconsistent here. We did canter on the right lead once (before the video), but when I asked for it again, he missed it about 3 times and started anticipating and chewing his bit, so I just decided to forget it and come back to that another day.

I also rode him in a bit that is relatively new, which he seems to like- a half cheek copper mouth Dr. Bristol. I have put him in this bit in the bitting rig and lined him in it, but no rides yet, so this went well. He hasn't really disliked any of the bits I've tried, but I figured this one is maybe a little more comfortable. Here are the 3 bits I've used with him: first, the D ring with copper rollers (this was the bit he was worked in by his breeder), second, the Black snaffle with copper inlays (one of my favorites), and finally, the new Dr. Bristol half cheek with copper mouth.

Also, no martingale today- and his head was about as consistent as it usually is with one- but just a bit lower. Saddlebred necks can be very difficult to manage as they can stretch down causing you to lengthen the reins, or they can raise up, or they can curl their necks up like a pigtail as you see Louie do here towards the end. This all can be a little challenging to manage with no consistency yet in that department. Eventually Louie should decide on a place and go with it, lol. All in all, he's coming along really nicely and he seemed happy in our ride today despite the couple of learning moments. I love having video to compare periodically to watch our progress! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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  1. He's looking good! I would suggest if he doesn't take his canter immediately from the walk when you cue him, don't stop him, urge him on through the trot until he canters. Otherwise you might confuse him at this young age.