Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ooh He Looks Good!

In his new saddle! Nevermind the english work bridle and the half-done clip job. Here's Louie, modeling his new saddle, which looks mighty handsome on him if he does say so himself. It fits nicely, and it rides even better.
We did work on our "jog" a tiny bit, but um, we have a lot of work left to do on that before we'll be showing that off to anyone! lol But we cantered in the new saddle and that went well. I think Louie will have to get used to the weight of the saddle (this one is probably 15+ pounds heavier than his english saddles), and the size. I also am in the process of acquiring some "accessories." Hehehe. A saddle carrying case, a saddle cover that I can ride in (hopefully), and a new show bridle. Maybe Louie's first show ring class will be a 2+3 yr old snaffle bit western pleasure class after all! But back to reality- we've got to canter on both leads before that happens. I'm just THRILLED that I finally have a nice western saddle that fits my horse, fits me, and fits in the show ring! :)

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