Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey Jealousy

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with Louie today so I let him choose. "Tell me Louie, Right hand for ride, left hand for lunging." He chose the lunging. So we worked on "easy" to slow down the trot to a nice jog as we have been starting to work on under saddle, and "hup!" to power it up and move into a faster english or road trot. Then we worked on the canter- all tracking to the right. Louie missed his lead over and over and anticipated and grinded his teeth, and was getting so frustrated, but I do say he cantered pretty softly and nimbly on a very small circle on the incorrect lead! I could have touched him with my lunge whip, yet he stayed quite soft in the canter and at a very nice collected loap. Finally he got the right lead- GOOD BOY! I feel like I have to do jumping jacks with pom poms screeming "Go Louie, Go Louie, You Got It, You Got It!" every time he gets his right lead because it just doesn't sink in quite as easily with him. For as smart as he is, he is still struggling a bit with this right lead business- especially on the lunge line. After that we trotted a bit and tried a few more times, got the wrong lead a bunch more, then finally got the right lead again- YAY! (the inner cheerleader comes out)- and I think I actually startled Louie with my errupting joy and praise that he stopped and looked at me like I was some swamp beast from Mars. So then we had to try it again. After a few more times, he finally got it again, and I let him go on that lead for a little while, then stopped and petted and praised him. We did a little more jogging to cool out.

He was one sweaty pony, as it is beautiful and sunny out today. So after cooling down with some nice curry combing, we tried the bath thing again. This time we got a little more surface area than last time- got the full legs, groin/between the legs/sheath (the most important parts in my opinion), chest, shoulders, neck and heart girth area. He started to dance around when I tried to rinse his sides and hind quarters, but once our wash area/cross ties are set up that should get easier.

To finish, we found a nice grassy area on the lawn and I treated Louie to some fresh green grazing. He LOVED that- did I mention my horse loves food? Well he does. I tested him by leaving him to graze while I went and put away some stuff in the barn. He passed with flying colors. I did mention he loves food- he wasn't going anywhere as long as there was fresh stuff under his chin.

Of course you can imagine the disappointment when I told him it was time to go back in the pasture. "Mom, do I have to?" We fought at the pasture gate once again but finally he gave in and went into the pasture. He walked over to his favorite spot and had himself a nice roll with his fresh wet coat. In the mean time, I had walked past him to get Louie's "TWH brother" Cash from the pasture to work him. When Louie saw me over by Cash, he came running, green with envy. He ran right up to me and said, "Mom, what are you doing? What about me? You can't talk to him, I'm your baby!" Oh the look on his face. He followed us up to the pasture gait in hot pursuit. I could almost see the tears on his face when I told him, "No Louie, I have to work Cash, you had your turn." Babies- they are so egocentric. Of course Cash is the totally neglected brother (hubby's horse), so I do feed into Louie's superiority complex just a bit with how spoiled he is.

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