Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Play Day!

I stopped at the barn to visit on my way home from work today since it is raining/snowing again. When I got there, Louie and his best friend Fly (a 4 yr old Arabian gelding) decided to provide some entertainment. I was lucky enough to capture a few photos of the action on my cell phone.

Fly is totally the instigator here, and I'm sure the culprit behind Louie's shredded blankets. But boy don't these guys have fun!

Louie usually doesn't play along too much, mostly just stands there and wards Fly off, but he kinda got into it today.

I'm so glad my horse is the one keeping most of his feet on the ground!

Believe it or not, Louie is ahead of Fly in the pecking order. He just likes to show his dominance by proving that he can be lazy and still win the battle. Aren't horses funny?

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