Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo Pedigree

As promised, I thought I'd bring March in with a fun project. I have been working on gathering photos of horses in Louie's pedigree, and have acutally been fairly sucessful at finding a lot of them! I'm only missing a few (well, only one or two of horses I think I actually would have a chance at finding photos of- mares are really hard). So, in 5 generations (including Louie) there are 31 horses, and of those 31, I have photos of 16, most of which I have multiple photos. In addition to that, I have photos of a couple of Louie's siblings. One maternal, and a couple of paternal siblings, probably the most notable of which is Kiss of the Zodiac. So here we go! Just a side note that I did not personaly take any of these great photos, so thanks to those who have published or supplied them! First, we'll start off with the pedigree itself (sorry it is getting rather small with the photos in it and hard to see without enlarging- see below for a purely text copy to match the photos to):Next, Louie's dad, Trust Fund: Trust Fund's Parents, 5-gaited World Champion Attache's Liquid Asset, a very versatile stud, shown here in fine harness (top), and 3-gaited World Champion CH Stonewall's Crimson and Clover, a mare with an absolutely incredible competition record (bottom):Then, following the stud line up with Attache's Liquid Asset's family, his sire, 5-gaited World Champion Attache (top), and his grand sires, 5-gaited World Champion Chief of Greystone (middle), and Oman's Desdemona Denmark (bottom). Use the pedigree above to determine where in the family tree these famous horses come in:
Next we'll follow CH Crimson and Clover's lines up with her sire, Stonewall's Main Event (top), and his sire, Starheart Stonewall (middle). Pictured below that is Crimson and Clover's maternal grand-sire, fine harness stallion Hide-A-Way's Wild Country (bottom):
Well that is all the photos I have of Louie's sire line going back 4 generations. So, on to the female line of Louie's pedigree, starting with the lady herself (with little Louie by her side- those dams are hard to find photos of!), Louie's mom, Everything in Return (top), and her sire Royal Return (bottom):
And following Royal Return's lines back, his sire, the three-time 5-gaited World Grand Champion, CH Yorktown (top), and his dam, three-time 3-gaited World Grand Champion, CH Bellisma (bottom):
Next, continuing along Royal Return's lines with some of the most famous and proliferative studs in the American Saddlebred breed, 5-gaited World Grand Champion CH Wing Commander (top), and 3-gaited World Grand Champion CH Valley View Supreme (bottom):
Continuing along the dam line is Louie's only grandparent of which I do not have a photo, CF Girls Night Out, her sire, Fine Harness World Grand Champion CH Night Prowler (top), pictured along with both of his parents- his sire, Status Symbol (middle), and his dam, Empire's Lady Genius (bottom):

Finally, 4 generations back on Louie's dam line is the father of Saturday Night Princess, Starheart's Dynasty (below):
Well that about sums up Louie's bloodlines going back 4 generations beyond Louie himself. Of course if we go back even farther there are many greats beyond what I have listed here, but of course we have to draw the line somewhere. These are some absolutely gorgeous American Saddlebred horses with incredible show and offspring records- BIG shoes to fill. No pressure Louie. ;) This was a really fun project to compile this group of photos and actually put them into my horse's pedigree, plus I learned some about each of them as I searched for the photos as well as the ASHA for show and breeding records. What an incredible breed we have!

Edited to add: I have added in a few more horse photos to the pedigree from the first post (CH Night Prowler, Starheart's Dynasty, Empire's Lady Genius, and Hide-A-Way's Wild Country), as well as a text pedigree at the top for easier viewing (adding additional horses makes the text smaller with blogger's upload sizes)- thanks Crystal for the additional photos!


  1. Thanks for doing this project. It must have been great fun and very worthwhile. I was delighted to see pictures of Chief of Greystone, Oman's Desdemona Denmark and Attache as these are all strongly in the pedigree of my latest foal here in the United Kingdom - who is a stunner.

  2. WOW WOW WOW! Great Job! I'm adding you tomy blog roll just for the history. I use to be a saddlebred fan in my youth. I still admire them alot and Wind Commander's pic brought back youthful dreams.

    Also I love the snow sledding pick. I have a horse whom I hope to train to pull a sled this next winter. It should be a sport!!!


  3. Very cool! I just love seeing ancestor pictures!

  4. What a fantastic idea! Great job! In fact, I'm thinking you could make some extra money doing these for people... :-)