Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Change of Pace

Thank you to those of you who have helped me see the forest through the trees. I have been really stressed out lately, and I think it has been affecting Louie's training (well I think that's pretty clear from last weekend's events), so I think I owe Louie a change of pace. So, in the next 6 weeks while I prepare for boards and really try to concentrate on the major life changes that I am going through (graduating from PA school, getting a job, etc), I'm going to try to focus more on just having fun with Louie, enjoying our time together as relaxing and therapeutic, and not work so much on learning new things and perfecting our riding. Now I'm pretty bad at being compliant with these types of changes, but even if we just try to relax and have fun for a little while I think both of us would feel quite refreshed.

So last night to kick off our "spring break" hubby and I went out to the barn to just let Louie run around and have fun in the arena for a few minutes. I put a few chains on him, we got out the whip with the plastic bag, and let him strut his stuff around the arena. This generally works better with a horse who is stalled, as it's more fun to see them showing off with all of that bottled up energy. Now if those neighbor boys would have been there today that would have been good- but we got some pretty nice trotting and snorting out of him. :) And I think Louie had fun too- except for the fact that he got a shot. Darn them spring vaccinations!


  1. Now you're talking. If you are spending time with your horse, using him, and doing everything in a correct and conscientious manner, you can't help but build a good solid citizen. No standardized lessons programs exist. The only tests in horse training are the ones you volunteer for.

    I swear, I have had light bulb moments when my horse responded to me above my expectations, and my reaction was "When did I teach him THAT?" well.... while you were riding him silly.

  2. Where are those neighbor boys when you need them?! Glad you're feeling better about things!