Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Lonely Valentine

Boring weekend for Louie. Too busy and cold to work, so he's modeling his $30 blanket, which he is taking great care of. I need to get my leather punch out there to punch a hole in the front buckles to get them tighter. At least the fuzzy part is against his skin, and he's not getting rubs from it, the blanket is just too big- he's not quite a 78 yet. More like a 74. Louie did get to try his first ever pear, which he actually sort-of enjoyed- he ate about half of it, lol. I didn't think it was too tasty, so I can't blame him for not chowing it down whole.

Our arena is literally a skating rink right now- I thought about bringing my skates out, then I remembered that I'm rather accident-prone with things on me feet. So that's a no go.

Speaking of feet, the farrier is coming to re-check/trim Louie's feet later this week. I think he still needs a little of that lateral edge off of his front right- the wall is starting to flare a bit, and he's sore making tight right turns again, so I think we'll have to at least do that. I am really impressed with the quality of feet this horse grows. My last horse couldn't make it more than a month without chopping his feet to bits- Louie's got nice strong hoof walls. Ooh la la!
Here's Louie, in his house eating his supper on Valentine's Day. I thought this was kindof a cute photo of the hungry hungry horsie!

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