Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just A Little Trim

The farrier came out to check Louie's feet since it has been 6 weeks since his last trim, in which we made some drastic changes to his hoof angles because of the unbalance he had that was causing him some pain. Aside from being just a hair long on that lateral edge of the front right foot again, his feet look just awesome. Pat really likes his feet too- good thick soles and strong hoof walls. So he just took about a centimeter off of that lateral hoof wall again and filed the rest of the hoof and frog to match it, trimmed the left frog so he wouldn't be unbalanced, and called it good. We don't have any footing to try to tell if it made any difference for his soreness, but I bet it did just like last time. Not sure why he is growing unevenly, but who knows, he's almost 3 and horses his age grow unevenly sometimes.

With school work piled up from the past 6 weeks, all due tomorrow, I didn't have time to spend the afternoon with Louie, so he just went back out with his buddies. He was rather mouthy and curious today. He really was interested in my farrier and my dog. I think I am going to have to cut back or cut out Louie's treats because he was really good for a while there with his mouth and now he's pushing it just a bit. I know, bad Mom for spoiling my boy! Hoping to get over to C&D to long line or ride this weekend. I haven't been able to actually long line him in many months because of the footing- I just can't keep up with him through the snow. And my is he feeling his oats- a little bundle of un-worked energy today!

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