Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is Winter Over Yet?

We managed to get 4 inches of fresh snow last night- it sure made everything pretty again, but of course I know that it's just a layer to hide what is underneath- ice. I went out to spend some time with Louie today, and tried to lunge him in the pasture thinking the fresh snow would be enough of a cushion, but it wasn't. He went around maybe 3 times each way before I saw enough slipping and short stepping to call it quits- he was taking baby steps with his hind legs- well at least they were equally short. This weather sure is discouraging, the ground is hard and slippery and there's no way you can work a horse in it safely.

Sometimes I wonder what I'll get for a horse come spring time- the horses sure look different without their coats on, and they move a lot differently once the ground becomes useable. Oh for spring. . . It should only be another month before we start seeing some big changes around here, the snow will be melting, the earth will be muddy and saturated with melted snow, the days will be longer, and one of my most anticipated holidays will soon be upon us- March 8th. That's right, daylight savings begins! Hallelujah! And the first day of spring follows just behind that on March 20th. I can't wait! Louie hasn't even started shedding yet, while others here have been losing their coats for a month already. Oh when will this be over? At least someone seems to be enjoying it. ;)

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  1. Leah, I so sympathize w/ you here on being snowbound. I am considerably south of you in northern Ohio, but still experiencing the same problems. Our only bright spot has been the round pen revitalization our barn owner did last summer. He trenched all around the inside of the walls and laid perforated plastic pipe and gravel then backfilled W/ dirt, laid landscape cloth and a couple of tons of sand, he pulled the ends of the landscp. cloth up and over the bottom rung of the pipe pen and we have had a good surface for longlining and lungeing most of the winter. Sand does freeze hard when the temps stay in the single digits for several days, but have only had two occurances of that. It was a fairly inexpensive project as he rented a small back hoe and did all the work himself. Much cheaper than an arena!