Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Make a Horse Grow

Louie and I went for a lovely walk (in-hand) down the road today. We suited up in the Old Mac's and headed out the driveway and onto the road. It was a nice relaxing walk, with Louie occasionally perking up big like a show horse to look at his surroundings- mail boxes, neighbors, driveways, etc. I made note of how much bigger Louie looked with his Old Mac's on- as he is probably an inch taller at the withers with those things on. So there you have it- in order to make your horse bigger, put thick shoes on him and bring him to a place with lots to look at. Hehe. On the way back we walked through the woods a little bit, through 1 foot deep snow- wow did I get a work out! Then back to the barn to eat his lunch/breakfast/dinner and get brushed before heading back out with his buddies. We nearly wiped out on the ice in the driveway, but going for walks down the road where there are cars to pass us is great desensitization for Louie. We need a few more of these in-hand walks before I attempt any rides down the road. Just a little scary with the blacktop and all. :)

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