Thursday, February 5, 2009

High Heel Shoes

It's not the best idea to go to the barn in high heel shoes, dress pants and a pea coat. You just can't do a whole lot at a horse barn in that type of clothing. Unfortunately, when it's a beautiful day and you decide the barn is sort of on your way home from work (meaning, only about 5 miles in the opposite direction lol), you just can't help it. Well, that's not to say that the weather was great anyhow- it's still frozen and icy so I can't do anything anyhow. So I just brought Louie in to groom him, say hi, and work on the squaring up/parking out. He is keeping his new blanket on (put one of the cheapies on him to save the heavy Taka) and he hasn't put any holes in it yet, though he did break the snap on one of the leg straps (hence the cheap blanket! I guess you can't have everything haha). I also need to find a way to punch another hole in the chest straps to get the neck a bit tighter- the wither fleece is actually sitting behind the withers right now. Not rubbing or anything though. The Taka did leave him with a bunch of hair rubbed off of his shoulders- poor guy, that happened to Social too. It grows back though.

We tried parking out once or twice and he is really getting it- I just say the word and he pretty much goes for it. Now getting him to stand with his front feet together on his own is a bit of its own challenge, but I think once I find a slope to practice on and have him really carrying his weight over his front feet, he'll get it figured out. I know he will- he's a smarty pants. :)

We worked on a few tail stretches to help with our crupper sensitivity and those went really well too. He stood much better than he has previously for this routine. He's got some gorgeous flaxen in his tail that isn't hardly even visible with it being so short. Grow tail GROW!

After the stretches, we worked on our ears. Louie is pretty sensitive in his ears from his aural plaques. So, we've been slowly working on touching the ears, and he is beginning to realize that it's not always the worst thing in the world. Slowly but surely, today I was even able to touch the insides a little bit! I have no idea how she clipped his ears without a twitch or sedation. . . Perhaps she used a team of helpers and a couple of ladders, haha. Louie gave me some kisses when I was done pestering him. He likes to stick his nose out for kisses, but today he did that, then started moving his upper lip and I was thinking- no Louie, I don't want THAT kind of kiss. . . lol He's such a cutie, I can't resist kissing that white nose!

A side note on worming- since we've been reading a lot about worming, etc lately, I've been thinking it is due sometime soon here, but of course I wrote the worming schedule on my OLD calendar, that hubby threw away before I got a chance to transfer everything, so that doesn't do me much good now does it- I can't remember if it is due this month or next. I think I'm going to go ahead and do it this month as Louie looks like he could use it now anyhow. I'm considering pro-biotics too, especially after worming. The local feedmill is a Fast Track dealer, perhaps I'll have to give that a try- I've heard great things about it and hubby's TWH has had good sucess on it too.

Oh I can't wait for the weather to warm up and the snow and ice to go away! Major cabin fever!

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  1. HA! I remember stopping by the barn once in a cashmere sweater and sling back spectators! You're right, not much gets done!!!