Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodbye February!

I shall not miss thee! I think we must say every year how hard, cold, and long our winter has been. Last year it was just long and dragged out but at least mostly functional, this year it has been hard and cold and totally useless, but not necessarily long (yet). I haven't accomplished anything training-wise with Louie in the month of February, except getting better at trailering. To add injury to insult, we got 7 inches of snow on Thursday, and while I thought the footing might be okay since I saw a lot of exposed grass the day before it snowed- it's not. I tried to lunge Louie a little bit, just an easy trot and he nearly wiped out on a slippery spot. Dang! I am SOOOO frustrated with this crap! Well, anyhow, at least February will be gone tomorrow and soon things should start looking up as it is supposed to warm up next week.

So we worked on some basic leading principles and give/take type stuff, wormed with Panacur, and called it a day for Louie. (I'm doing kindof a silly worming schedule right now since I got off track last fall somehow- so I'm catching up with the Panacur, next month Ivermectin, then back onto our regularly scheduled 2 month rotating program). I also got some probiotic paste to give him after each worming, but I'm going to wait until at least a few days after the wormer goes through his system to boost up the GI flora again. So that's at the barn ready for when I need it.

It has been a little bit depressing the past few days, colder than Alaska again (talked to Lisa yesterday, she had 8 degrees on us!), and I'm just fed up with this winter. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I were taking Louie for sleigh rides like I did with Social last year (as in the photo), but I doubt it- it's even too icy for sleigh rides. I did work on a cool project today, but I want to bring March in on a good note, so I'll post it tomorrow. :)

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