Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FRESH and Spunky!

lol that sounds kinda bad. But I think I must have left my brain at work today instead of bringing it to the barn with me. After taking Louie for a 1.5 mile walk yesterday, I figured maybe he wouldn't be THAT fresh. . . ah ha was I wrong! It was beautiful again today and we're expecting 7 inches of snow tomorrow, so I decided today (this is the lack of brain part), to take Louie for a ride around the farm. I didn't have any place to lunge him like I usually do to get the bugs out before riding and take the edge off, and I hadn't ridden him in I think 3 weeks? lol- yeah, not the smartest choice I've ever made. Anyhow, I got on in the driveway (wide open space), stood for a second, then we walked off- then Louie got a bug up his butt, did a good head shake, started trotting sideways and started to get a little squirley- I anticipated a buck at any moment. So I stopped him, stood, then continued on at the walk without incident. Obviously too fresh and inexperienced to ride down the road, I headed out for the pasture that is sort-of melting and actually has some exposed land. Since the footing is not good enough for anything other than walking, that's what we did- walk and work on leg yields.

He actually settled in pretty well and behaved himself- until I went down into the front part of the pasture by the road. A car whizzed by us (from about 20-30 feet away on the road, other side of the trees and fence), and Louie got all wound up. Head up, trotting big in place, trying to canter in place- very nervous horsie and sure got my blood flowing. I actually shouted "No!" and whacked his butt with my whip as I spun him in a circle- this was my first instinct- okay I could have come up with something better if I had remembered to bring my brain along today. Then we stopped and stood and just soaked in the whole situation- my heart pounding, praying to GOD he didn't bolt and run back to the barn. Lucky for me he didn't, he was very level headed, and went on walking like nothing had happened.

So I intentionally stayed down by the end of the pasture and worked on our "squares" exercise, did one big square in each direction, and no more cars passed, so I didn't get to test him to see how he would do again. It was becoming fairly obvious by this point that Louie's little brain was about done- and had had its 15-20 minutes of work, even though he tried really hard to pay attention. He started pulling on the bit a little, chomping, and just acting in other ways mentally fried. So we walked back up to the barn, got off, and called it a day.

I really am thankful that he has got such a good head on his shoulders (to make up for my lack)- most half-broke 2 yr olds would have done something REALLY bad, but Louie- just little spooks- sort of in place. Enough to scare me a bit though, and I'm pretty certain had it not been dusk and rush hour and having not just had 3 weeks off of work, he would have acted differently in that situation. I think he needs to spend more time by the road to get desensitized to cars. And I need to spend more time using my brain and not hopping on an unbroke 2 yr old when he has been sitting around and not worked for 3 weeks, lol. Well here's to a happy ending for today and better luck with the brain part next time!

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