Monday, February 9, 2009

February Rain

It is raining outside. And the highs are in the mid-30's. That equals cold weather for the horses. Today I stopped out at the barn after work to let the horses in and attempt to dry them off. I'm not sure if they were appreciative, but I think come midnight they'll be happy they got the chance to get out of the weather a little early, get a little extra hay, and get some lovin' from Mom.

I talked to the barn owner today and apparently Louie got himself cast against the round bale feeder this morning. Louie, being so calm and smart, looked at the barn owner with his puppy dog eyes and asked her to come and help him out of his predicament. He thought she might just pull him up to his feet with her brute strength. Ha. She grabbed a front leg and attempted to get him to roll, but he wasn't getting the concept. But after she let the leg down, he realized he could pull himself forward and push off of the feeder to get up. Ah ha! He got back up on his feet and instantly asked Lisa if she had any grapes for him. Well I'm glad that this whole escapade went well, and Lisa's reports were that he was quite calm and cool in this situation, and waited for help instead of struggling and hurting himself like most horses do. She too is very impressed with his brains. :)

Oh, and by the way, this baby picture of Louie has nothing to do with anything else from today's events, I just thought it was cute and warm on a cold wet day like today. Maybe this is how he got his name- Master of Illusion- from his amazing technicolor dream coat.

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