Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

It was an absolutely beatiful 37 degrees here today! So of course I had to go out to see my baby. Unfortunately the footing is still tretcherous and probably will be for a few weeks yet. So we strapped on the Old Mac's and headed down the road in hand. We got passed by about a zillion cars, only one of which scared Louie- the one that zipped by us at 50 mph. I trotted him just a bit to see if he looked sore at all and he trotted really nice and evenly. :) When we got back, Louie had a snack, I re-stocked his Assurance Grass Balancer (even though he didn't really need it, he's only gone through 2 bags since I've had him), and spent a little time grooming him and working on tail stretches. He is getting to be pretty good about this- he always protests right at first, but settles down, and it seems like maybe his tail is getting more flexible. I do have an old used bustle that I hope to put on him this summer once I am able to work him more regularly- I think he needs it for the shape of his tail, it looks a little silly right now. He did finally start shedding today too- I got about 10 hairs off of him YAY! that's a good sign!

I ordered a height and weight tape for him when I put in my yearly wormer order last week, so when that gets here I plan to do some measuring. When I first got him, I measured him at 15.3hh, and about 975#. So we'll see if he's grown at all in 4 months- he seems maybe a little taller? Here he is standing in the crossties this weekend- cutie (nevermind the spots on the camera- I promise my horse isn't growing mold)! I need to get one of those health maintenance books to track this stuff and his vet/farrier info, but I suppose I can make a document in my computer too. Well we shall see when the tape gets here! Until then, I'm going to be doing the warm weather dance in hopes for some melting!

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