Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today my husband and I trailered Louie over to the nearby stable to ride again. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day, they said it was supposed to get up to the mid-30's, but my computer is telling me 46! Woah!! Sunny, snow is melting- LOVING it! I rode without gloves or a coat. Apparently some of the boarders at this barn also thought it was a nice day to ride because Louie got his first experience riding with other horses today!

At first there was a little pony in the ring- running around like crazy, Louie thought it was a little bit funny looking. Then a big green (as in green broke, not its color) appaloosa, then later a paint joined us (all within about 45 minutes!). There were at least 2 and for a while 3 horses in the ring at one time and Louie did really well with it. The snow melting off the roof made some funny sounds on occasion too, which spooked Louie once, but he got back on track quickly. He was also a little hesitant in that the bright blue jump standard on the wall might be scary, but he got over that too. I was very impressed with how he managed all this stimulation. Lots to look at, and the question of "do I listen to my mom or go check out these other horses?" He maneuvered the obstacles and other horses pretty well, and settled right in after just a few minutes. I also rode him with a caveson today, adjusted down lower on his nose, and that really helped with the mouth/teeth stuff.

We didn't really work on anything in particular, but more just getting some exercise and making sure we could control ourselves amongst the other horses. We did canter both directions again today- and he went 1.5 laps consecutively which was really good! Dragging my fat butt around is clearly a LOT of work for him as he acted like he was going to collapse after that lap and a half, lol. I don't think I'm going to have those "hyper issues" with this horse. He cantered really nicely too- slow and smooth. I think once I get him collected up he will be able to do a really nice canter. His canter to the right is still a bit off- head bobbing just a little bit in that direction- I think he needs a little more of that lateral hoof wall taken down. He did pretty well with the cantering today though, no bucking or anything, transitioned pretty decent from the trot, but doesn't have much stamina yet. I think I probably worked him a little longer than I would have liked to, but I feel that if I have to go to all the trouble of trailering him over and paying to use the indoor I want to get my money's worth out of it! You know? If we had footing at home I could at least have him somewhat in shape, but unfortunately, that's not possible right now.

Other things Louie did today- he walked over a ground pole a few times with no issues- good boy! He also trailered beautifully- no issues, he's getting much better with it. This is great practice for him, and it was great to see how he dealt with all of this stimulation! It's a lot for a little guy, but he was a real champ about it. :)

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