Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old Macs

I recently bought a pair of Old Mac G2's for Louie by recommendation of many horse owners and my vet. They are protective boots that provide a surface between the hoof and the earth below it. They add cushion and traction for the horse, and can be used on all 4 feet (but I just have 2 for the fronts). I have to say, I was nervous about how well they would stay on, but I am SO impressed with them! Not only do they stay on, but Louie moves really comfortably in them on the uneven ground, he has more traction on the slipperly snow and ice than he does barefoot, and they are easy to use and ride in. I have used them 4 times now and have come to the conclusion that I love them, and I don't think I could go without them in the future. Why didn't I get some of these about 10 years ago? Anyhow, they're great and I'd highly recommend them. You can see in Louie's new video (below) how nicely he moves in them. Here is a link to their website if you are interested in ordering some for your favorite equine partner!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation!

    My Santana's got so much swing in his stride that he really has trouble with his front feet slipping forward if there's snow or ice on the ground.