Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hang in there buddy!

High of -5 today. My co-workers are coming to work in giant winter boots like you've never seen, good to 100 below and tested in the Arctic Circle. You know it's cold when that happens. Only one or two more days of frigid temps (supposedly). This is the kind of weather where you go out to get the mail and your nose hairs freeze haha. You know, I got an email from my friend in Alaska today saying it was +36 and raining there today, and for those of us in Minnesota to stay warm. Ha! What is wrong with this picture? This is the same friend I got camping and outdoor activities photos from in July- she was wearing a winter coat- and I'm pretty sure Alaska is in the same hemisphere as Minnesota. I don't know but I sure hope Louie is staying warm and keeping his blankies on. I started back to work in the ER on Monday so I'm exhausted. . . Hopefully Friday or the weekend will be warm enough to go spend some good quality time with my baby. You know this cold winter weather sure kills the motivation- we're counting down the days till spring. Daylight savings should actually be a spring holiday in my opinion. Because after that, it is light out well into the evening and one can actually DO something after work. It is one of my most-anticipated days of the year. Well, nothing new in the horse world other than I got some pads for Louie's Old Mac's and I still love them.

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